Foreign Exchange

We also provide the foreign exchange services through our preferred authorized money changer

Foreign Exchange can be Sold/Purchased in three Forms
  • Foreign Currency
  • Traveler Cheaques
  • Prepaid Travel Currency card

Incase of sale of foreign exchange, total entitlement under basic travel quota is equivalent to US 10000 dollars per person in calendar year & under business quota is equivalent to US 25000 dollars per trip but in both the cases currency will not exceed US 2000 dollars per person & balance will be in the form of travelers cheques.

Foreign Currency

Your best choice for currency would be that of the destination country. Currencies of all countries are sold / purchased except that of Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Tehran, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Philippines, North African countries and all Russian countries.We are providing the best rates for buying as well as selling foreign currency.

Traveler Cheques

Your best choice for Travelers Cheques would be that of the destination country. Travelers Cheques are available in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars. If there are no travelers cheques in your destination currency, US Dollar travelers cheques would be the next best option. Like cash, you can save unspent travelers cheques for future use within 180 days from the date of your return. Please treat your travelers cheques like you would your cash. It is an instrument which is similar to a bearer cheque. You need not convert the same to cash, but can use it across the counter at shops, hotels and other establishments..

Prepaid Travel Currency Card

You can also purchase Travel Currency Card which is available in nine currencies:


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